I work for a major UK media agency on, amongst other things, a major car brand and a major radio station.

I’ve been in comms for 7 years, and in that time have worked on everything from Tesco to a German anti-baldness shampoo.

I’m a godless atheist, trapped in a world where it’s easier to get on Radio 4 if you are a vicar with a point of view about haircuts (“I look at these modern fringes, mmmhmm, and I think ‘what fringe did Jesus have?'”) than if you are a properly peer-reviewed scientist making a genuine contribution to global knowledge.  As Richard Dawkins said, ‘why should we listen to him, just because he has an imaginary friend?’

All of this means that, like a lot of others,  I look for causal reasons in human behaviour which are founded in principles shaped by our evolution.

Is it a co-incidence that Bronze Age villages and the average Facebook friend list are roughly the same size? It seems unlikely.

Basically, I’m interested in why people do the things they do.


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